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Never sure what to say.. so here goes..

I know im trying to do my best. Its hard to determine whats best tho when in the past my "best" has just let whomever ive been with down. I also try to keep my beans chilled. Its very unlike me... ask anyone who knows me. All i've ever wanted was to have someone to want to be with me and be mine and not change me. And tolerate me and my questions and insecurities. Im not perfect. I do not claim to be. Being older now im more quick to say what i think or ask if i want to know. I know kinda lately I've been like on edge or something. Please understand i love you now. and even still im getting to know you more and more everyday. Im trying to stay calm. God damn it tho people have just walked all over me before tho. No no... not ur fault or problem. I wanna say tho its partial blame for some of my actions tho.

Aside from all my paranoia im really content. Happy with you. i really wish i had my own place so i could steal you away. For some strange reason i kinda almost know you'd love it. Other excitements are im bringing in the new year with you! And im gonna shape up. I wanna be like... crazy appealing to you. i know have no tat's or piercings but that stuff doesn't make up a guy. i know u don't care that i don't. I just want to look half way decent and be at a good weight too. then i'll feel good about myself again. I've gained to much back and i dislike it. haha I wanna be that guy that... when other guys see you out with me... they won't even think of trying to steal you away or whatever cuz i'd whoop they ass's lol.

We've established to many cute or memorable things ! You love tickling me even tho u get punched( not intentionally) in the face sometimes. And we always most of the time snuggle like there is no tomorrow. oh and our lovin's just get better with time <3 its like we get lost in each other. The moments of staring at each other only for u to wind up giggling some ! :) oh and those lil cheek kisses we exchange ^_^ You give me those looks too. I ask for u to tell me what ya thinking and u never do but i bet i could guess. And even sometimes i don't need words. I can read you. I have a good feeling about this. About us. We've came so far outta the mist and mess of things. I love it. Its like i gotta have my daily dose of you now.



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