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Yes sir! an more videos for all you pissed off people! haha nah just kidding. Lets see...

Heart-Shaped Razor blades!

get ya some :) Oh wait you can't hahahaha

We are all equal, but not the same.

Karma Exists. An I have a thing for keeping the bad karma away. In other words... i want no part of bad luck or karma. I think it exists tho. No doubt.

You know I'm alone an all an yea my place might be shitty but that isn't what matters. Heh so many people are selfish an spoiled to the point they think something is wrong when they don't get what they want. Im probably getting the fuck out of princeton soon. Fuck that place. In 2006 i was all ready to do it. Move far away.. well not really far but you get it. My image of princeton will never be the same.

Me in general? Im doing fine. Pretty damn fucking fine too. Im really Like what Tomi said the other day. "Ready to take the summer off an play a fuck ton a shows" an have a amazing ride a long the way. New people New cities New faces an new sane girls. Its gonna take a hell of a girl to catch my eye tho. Period. I now have a standard for an ideal girl for me. And its mutual respect.

For fucks sake do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Simple. Yet some make it so complicated to see that. To many mindless fucks in america today. I can see why F.E.M.A. Has oddles and oooodles of "boxes" aka coffins ready.

Well tough shit Im not going an it'll be the start of a beard long hair again an survival of the fittest. One warning is all people get to stay away if i dont' know you. Fend for you fucking self. Family an Friends. True friends.

Ya know me. Ha but ya don't so fuck off. Your right a lot of people can be jealous. But why i have not a fucking clue.

So in the mean time go fuck yourself with a brierbush or cactus. Thats my new one. but Care what you wish upon people. Had an old timer call me out on one the other day. He told to becareful what you wish upon someone for a horrible wish could turn YOUR life into a horrid hell. I listened an i took back what i said. Even tho it was just something silly from work about a pissed off customer. Boo.. fucking... hooo. :)

Fuck the End of the World.

Ya know... the more an more the find out... Im almost pissed that im even here typing this. No not suicide but I mean come on. I would feel privileged to see the end of the world.. but then you either die instantly depending on what happens or.... you keep the heads up an have a master plan.
Canned foods.
Charcoal & grill.
Cabin in the deep woods
Guns an lots of Ammo.

you see where im goin with this. And in the event of chaos. Sorry to anyone that ever gave me a doubt to not trust em but Im not letting just anyone team up with me. has to be smart mother fuckers. I know its gonna have to be balls to the wall look forwards an not backwards.

I been doin a lot of thinking. Pre-planning an shit. People may think im crazy... well not really but hell like i say, if it happens... I won't be surprised... just prepared.

I sometimes almost think i see shit. Like visions. Yes an no.
Look around. Use your souces.

Its as simple as me setting here with google search up an watching the history channel. As a matter of fact. The Government will DECLARE MARTIAL LAW in a doomsday situation.

Then there is this other side of me. That thinks that it is very possible that the 2012 hype could be intentional by the government. In which that in 2012 who is to say they couldn't just dump off the biggest bomb they got in the middle of the ocean an just say we was hit by a huge asteroid. This wouldn't surprise me because of the bullshit about 9/11.

Fact is no one will be expecting such things or have ever dreamed such an event could take place in this very life time.

I know that for fact as far as girls go... hahaha omg fuck that. They will like have to fill out an app to be with me. If they think end of the world theorys are silly. Or are too girly or don't have a life like shit to go do .. then no.
But now days... its hard to find a calm open minded person. So needless to say I'll prob be keepin that single status. I dont' have time for someone to try an tell me what to do or that i need to change or that im a piece of shit haha. Fuck that.

Everything is gonna come down to a NEW WORLD ORDER whether you like it or not. Then people are gonna question their very life they are breathing in. omg?? Was all those years in school an money spent in school worth it?
Were you really free? Was anyone really free or was money just a simply yet easy distraction an way of life?

If you think about it. Every since Paper Money was invented everything changed. People became slaves to the mighty dollar an didnt' even realize it. Some people perfected legally how to make money. Then drug lords did there thing.

It almost makes sense that weed is illegal in the U.S. Cuz they don't want peoples minds to become open an see whats really going on. Thats tons of tax money the Government could use to fix problems in the U.S.

I mean what if you died an met a dude and he was like "here is what you thought was up"... but here is the real answer to ur life an all the lies you lived in a didn't even know it.
Fuck... im fucked up haven't slept for a while..o.O damnnnn

peace out niggas

When I die.. I want too....

Die in Your Arms

Damn..but HELL YEA.. cheesy titles..

Show at the Parrot last night. Twas sweetness. Played with a fierceness of the unknown with in ones self. I have it on video. Sooon to be posted here for you fuckers viewing pleasure!


Why can't people wake up an everyone get rid of there big heads they have? Some think they are way better than others. No so. Some people may be talented but we all have unique talents. Some may not know it.


found this. Always wondered what he was saying an its awesome! wish i would have came up with this one :)

I think a lot of metal singers like this one are coming from fucked up relationships where they go complete opposite of singing an seriously show anger in there statements they make. Suicide silence Does this too. There singer is awesome. Lyrically has a lot to say.

Anywho, i bet the singers ex gf wishes she was still with this dude cuz i mean fuck he's rich now lmao

feel it necessary...

I feel very strongly yet odd about the subject. Its very difficult information to take in or even accept. Not 100% but its a chance. Its a fuck ton of information staring every one in the face. Literally in the face. People use the internet as a toy mostly.

Facebook, myspace, dating sites, porn sites. Pretty much its a GIANT click away from anything on ur mind that you may wanna seek an answer to. Yet, I feel that a lot of us use it for entertainment. College and high school students use it. For there education, but its (to me) almost like that just use it for what they are told.

I do a lot of research anymore on it.

Im trying to keep up with everyday news. Most know yes i do look up a lot of 2012 type things. any im not one to believe anything i see on the news. In face my opinion has changed as far as Public television news goes.

The thing I notice about people i try to talk to about it orrrrr say anything about it they typically don't buy it. Of course i get it. No one would WANT to think that something could terribly be wrong with U.S. Or a doomsday anything could happen.. But why ignore it?

I know not all have. Some just keep it simple n just agree that they believe we could be in store for something unheard of in our time. Possibilities are endless. Im pointless ranting to no point for i have to work early in the am.

Another thought of mine would be just the simple fact that... there is a rumor or hype of the end of all life or as what im starting to hear now ...90% of the population im getting from many many souces is supposedly a plan underway to happen. Martial Law.

Fema with fucked up trailors for survivors of Katrina. Fema with some sort of giant coffin. And yes. there are tons of em.

Rumors of concentration camps being built.

9/11 Im a firm believer of it was complete bullshit.
To me it doesn't add up.
BBC news was caught in a lie on LIVE tv the day of 9/11 about building 7.

BUILDING 7 WTC was untouched in the 9/11 Commission report.Just doesn't make sense to me.

One more thing. This shit ... is to a point that it almost scares me. I look it up an study an research these "types" of things for its whats happening in the world we live in today.

Im a living human being. Knowledge is contagious. I can't an never will be able to help that. Its my life an I won't just give it up because i was just another mindless fuck of the typical 98% population in america.

Its like if you step back an look at all the fashion. Fast food making people fat. People having kids that aren't mature enough to even have a kid. Everything is out of control.

Brainwashed america. Eat. Sleep. Get up make money.
We are slaves an don't even realize it. A Slave to money. Not all of us. Just the lower class. Typical living paycheck to paycheck type person. Everyone going to school to try an make more money. be part of the higher class.

It works both ways. Some people make something of themselves out of college. Some just waste money an rack up crazy loan rates.

But think if they found out one that it was all a waste of time. They would have been better of lived an died before the days we are in. think of how many spoiled bitches an brats an even some parents an hard headed grandparents all sorts of people right... ok point....If we lost all power. All internet cell an all you had was your friends an family. No buddy in another state. No gps. Etc you see what i mean.

Wouldn't you wanna have a plan... for don't you think people would be uncontrollable? Sure they would to an extent but there would be sooo much violence once people started to realize they wasn't goin to have power for more... wayyy more than a few months....

What would you do? What would you do? where will you be? Who will you really be a true friend too? Do you have a plan? Would you make a plan?

Long question short.. lmao What would do in the event of power outtage for more than 9 months or better?

think now. no heat no water no food places. no power to run grocery stores. no way to get gas out of gas pumps. no septic because of no water.
I think i'll head to the nearest kroger or walmart an rob the shit out of em an find a cabin in the fuckin hils an have a crew of trusted organized people haha.

fuck i got to sleep. took a 5 hr energy at 9 pm earlier an i knew i'd be here.