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what more could i ask for?

You've been so good too me. so good. I can tell at times you can't help but wonder if its gonna stay this way... for i do the same thing. Every couple/relationship has those moments where u wonder. Im here to try to let go of that wonder. If we are fine then why worry? Its human nature. Our minds can help but wander off sometimes. I remember i didn't tell you but when the new year started i told myself i'd be less paranoid and worried about you and doing something that might hurt me. I feel like i've did good too. Cuz the more i get to know you the more i love you the farther i fall and the tighter my grip gets and i just refuse to let go of you. i think you are starting to see that i can maybe be a handful at times... Blowing ya up with feelings and such and just wanting to talk if i think something is off. Thats just me tho. If something bothers me or i suspect you may be aggravated i'll ask you. I mean... it'd be silly for me not too. And i expect no less from you... if you think somethings up with me by all means ask. and you have and its fine by me.

I feel that im here kinda venting a bit about a recent something/happening. We are back on the same page tho i feel. You mentioned you felt kinda not yourself. I feel that was because of me talkin so much or wanting to about what happened. Im not the type to just bottle up things and hope time passes by and fixes them. Im a man. Im assertive and i can't help that. I just hope it doesn't turn you off of me. I just hope that our lil bumps in our road thus far ... i hope you think i've handled them well. I know when they do happen i tend to talk a lot but thats just me being assertive with what evers up. its not healthy to let things stew or blow over or ignore them.

Soo.. with all said... wat more could i ask for really? You've been wonderful to me. everytime i see you.. you light up and if u had a tail you'd be wagging it i bet. I love that feeling. The feeling that someone wants you in their life and loves you and wants nothing but happiness for one another.
So again... what more could i ask for? Nothing. I've already told you what i expect and want out of a good relationship. I could go on with a list but im not. Its simple. Mutual respect. All that means is you treat me how you would want me to treat you. Nothing more nothing less. and if it doesn't make sense all you gotta do is ask yourself " would i want him to do that to me" or reverse the roles kinda thing.

I think if anyone was in a weird mood it may have been me. Only cuz i didn't know what to say or how to act cuz i didn't want you thinking i was guilt tripping you. But as i said to above i had to assert that and bring us back to our cozy lil bed of love we lay in and get lost in each others presence. Im so glad you walked into my life and id like you to sta. I hope you still love me and like me as much <3 this is me. Im not here to fool you or play you. I said I LOVE you and i meant it. Im here to stay for as long as you will let me stay. Love is a hell of a drug baby and you have what i want . as your lil song goes... you've got it you've got it please tell me I'm the one.

Cake :) ... mow



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