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Well here I am..

3 week drinking binge an drinking at the moment. Its life got good then just me on the inside.. or least a part of me just doesn't think Im right. About what who knows? haha thats the mystery. Things are well with the band an stuff. Not being able to practice like normal is kinda getting to my playing an practice. The thing that worries me tho is this drinking.... Its not normal of me... i usually smoke..So its more less I think i should be worried but I'm not. The outside me is reflecting me to just be how I normally am towards people. The odd thing is that like Im running out of people that I'm really close to. Or people that just click with me. Don't get me wrong I click with most but its like the question is arising like... am i really clicking with them or ... what? The thing about me is most of the time I don't go all awkward on people an talk about sappy sad bullshit or really ...i dunno what you call it. I guess Im just chill an don't have time for all this drama shit or dumb stuff people worry about. And or when someone challenges everything you say an its not like you were arguing from the first time they just turn it into that. Then you have your people that say the don't care. AT ALL. But usually they are the type to piss people off an no one wants to be around them because of that. Sure people have opinions about shit but some just act like they know it all. Or always wanna one up you on what ur saying or talking about. Mehhhhhh And I see these trends in people everywhere. Not everyone is like this. The most annoying are the ones that say they don't do that ( challenge everyone) but yet they do. Sometimes in almost every sentence. Its dumb. Everyone has there thing. You know that one thing passion that your gonna know a lil something about. Sadly tho some think that its everything when yet ... i don't think most like a good 95% of the population doesn't get how small... how very very very small an even small we are. So to me because of that why all the bullshit? All the war? All the cruelty ? Violence? The hurtful words to one another? Its almost like if love really did exist among the human race then we of all species should know how to all be at peace with one another...

We all set and watch our tv's while the leaders. Yes our "Great" leaders designed a master plan to make us behave the way they want. Its pretty much pointless for any hope. Yea...! here we go thats my kick... whats the point right? Ima be me an be safe at the same time. I'd really like to make a call... before everything goes up in smoke. Global disaster is just around the corner!


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Oct. 21st, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
Hope the drinking has stopped by now =/
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